Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chest tube troubles again......sigh

Mia still has her chest tube in that was placed on Saturday however it has twisted at the incision site several times causing irritation. Obviously when it becomes twisted the fluid is not draining properly. Yesterday it put out 20 ccs and today it put out 50 ccs so far. The nurses have been coming in frequently to check it and to redo the dressing. Her chest x-rays have really improved over the past couple of days but there is still come collapse in the left lung allowing the fluid to collect. The plan is to watch the output overnight and look at the chest x-ray in the morning. One of two things is going to happen. The best case scenario would be for the fluid drainage to be minimal and the chest x-ray to look good in the morning and then take out the chest tube and wait 24hrs to take another x-ray to see how the lungs look. The not so good scenario would be that there is still significant fluid and then the doctors would sedate Mia and inject a medicine into the chest tube, clamp it, and rotate her to make sure the medicine coats the lungs to stop the fluid collection. The downside besides another sedation is that it is painful but I am told Mia will not feel it. The nurse also said that it is very rare to have to have this procedure done in a child with TOF. I laughed when she said this because clearly Mia is not the normal straight forward case. I am really hoping for the best case scenario but of course preparing for the not so good scenario knowing that this will probably be the scenario that we will end up with. I know that sounds pessimistic but I am so tired of hoping for the best and ending up with the the "unlikely" scenario. I really want my little girl to "catch a break" in this recovery and for once not have to experience the more painful option. Just once.


Shanna said...
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Shanna said...

As hard as this has been on you, Dan and your family...Mia wouldn't even have this opportunity without you. Praying that the "easy" outcome comes your way!

Anonymous said... I read this and think of little Mia and all that she continues to go through but trusting in God that He will continue to heal her and help the doctors to continue to make the very best decisions for her care. I pray too that He gives you and Dan the strength and comfort you so need to continue this journey. He will see little Mia through this!! Keep the faith! Will pray for the 'better' scenario tomorrow! Hugs to you all!


Leslie C. said...

Kara askes about Mia every day. I give her an update on what I know and tell her to say another prayer at bedtime for Mia. She has enjoyed seeing the pics you have posted. We will both continue to pray for all of you and hope that things go well in the next few days so that little Mia can go home to her wonderful,loving family.

Valerie and Jeff said...

Oh I pray for good news tomorrow!
Can I say that Miss Mia must have been born on a Thursday like I was. You know that fairy-tale saying "Thursday's child has far to go ..."
Well ... I believe that she has had far to go and luckily you both have helped her get there ... but from here on out it will be a little different.
This child will go far! And again you will help her along the way!
Stay strong! Keep positive in prayer. Hold on!
Praying for a break for you guys!

Kim K. said...

I really hope you finally catch your break. You both deserve it. When we said our bedtime prayers this evening with the girls, we talked quite about Mia. Please know that we are praying hard for her continued recovery. Hugs!!!

The Tracy's said...

I'm praying for Mia. My heart just breaks for you and your little one. She has been through so much.