Wednesday, September 09, 2009

PICU and pink fingers and toes!

Sorry for the delay in posting. Dan brought the laptop up to the hospital today as I did not want to be lugging it around yesterday with nowhere to go since we did not have a room. Mia is doing well for just having major surgery less than 24 hours ago. The nurses and doctors feel that she is a pretty "typical" case as far as recovery goes. One issue we are having is that she is still experiencing heart arrithymias. This means that her heart is beating irregularly and if it continues she is going to need a pacemaker. I have been in prayer and just believing that her heart will work as it should. Still there is a fear in me as this would mean another surgery and additional surgeries down the road to adjust the pacemaker. I was thrilled to see her pink fingers and toes after surgery! I never noticed just how blue she was until I saw her pink!

They tried to remove the breathing tube this morning but couldn't quite yet. Her O2 levels aren't quite what they should be so I think the plan is to try again later tonight or tommorow. She is also on difficult little girl to sedate! The nurses said a typical child is given pain meds or sedated every 2-3 hours but they are sedating Mia every 45mins. They want her body to rest as much as possible but she is fighting to wake up. What a strong little girl!

Please continue to pray for little Mia! We still have some many obstacles to overcome but I know God's hand is upon her recovery and He will see her through it!


Kim K. said...

I've been worried and I'm so relieved to read your post. Mia's need to be awake (when she should be resting) sounds so much like Josie's time in the hospital. Please know that I'm thinking about you ALL. Hugs and lots of prayers.

Carey and Norman said...

We will be praying that Mia's heart is able to beat without arrythmias so that a pacemaker is not needed. We will also pray that Mia is able to come off the ventilator soon and begin her recovery to go home. I know it has been emotional, but I'm so glad that you can focus on Mia's recovery and not the surgery!

Thinking of you!!

Shannon said...

I am praying (sent you an email)...sorry, I have been away from the computer today! Praying for you as you walk alongside Mia. Praise God for her body getting the oxygen it needs!!!

La Dolce Vita said...

Thanks for the update. Praying for Mia.

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