Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wake up sleeping beauty

It is 7:00pm and we are still waiting for Mia to wake up so they can take her off of the vent. She is breathing on her own but they haven't been able to remove the vent because they want her to be very awake. So I sit and wait. The boys were up visiting her tonight because due to school and sports activities I don't know when they will be able up to see her again. They did really well seeing her despite the breathing tube and numerous wires.

As I listen to her day nurse brief the night shift nurse she mentioned that Mia is 19 months old today. She has also been with us two months today! With everything going on I completely forgot. Please keep the prayers coming!


Muhala Akamau said...

We are in BIOH and want you guys to know we are definitely praying for Mia. She is in our hearts!

Kim K. said...

Thinking and praying for Mia. I'm eager to read what tomorrow brings for your little sleeping beauty.

Extra HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it seems like some really good news that I'm reading today! God does answer prayers!!!! I'll be continuing to pray for little Miss Mia and that all of those tubes will be out soon! Glad you got to go home and rest and spend time with the boys. Please take care! Hugs! Jeanie

TanyaLea said...

The prayers are definitely still going up for your little princess, and will continue!!

I didn't realize how close your Mia and our Khloe are in age. (Khloe just turned 19 months on Tuesday.) They are only days apart! We just pray we are able to have her home with us before her 2nd birthday.

Sending BIG hugs and prayers your way!! <><


Karin said...

Great news about the vent coming out soon! Praying for your sweet girl!