Monday, November 26, 2007

My favorite Christmas picture of my boys

I was visiting my friend Angie's blog and saw an adorable picture of her boys from a past Christmas. I thought it would be fun to post my favorite Christmas picture of my boys. Even though it has been a couple years since we had a family picture taken I do manage to get the boys Christmas pictures taken each year.

In need of a new family Christmas picture

This is our family Christmas picture that has hung on my wall for the past three years. I have decided that this year it is time for a new family Christmas picture. I am not sure why I keep putting it off. Maybe it is fighting the crowds or trying to coordinate five people's wardrobes. Or maybe in times past it seemed like nothing short of a miracle to get three kids to cooperate to get a nice picture. I have a friend who makes it a tradition to have a family picture taken around the holidays. What wonderful memories to have! Of course I also have friends who have never had a family picture taken. I guess I fall somewhere in the middle. So in the spirit of the holidays, I have decided it is time to replace some old memories with new ones.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Better late than never.....

Christian's 6th birthday party was nearly two weeks ago and I am just now posting pictures from his party. He had his 6th birthday at Chuckie Cheese. After all what kid doesn't want to experience a Chuckie Cheese birthday party? As for the parents, well let's just say one Chuckie Cheese birthday party per kid is all I can handle!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy 6th birthday Christian!

Today my little boy turns 6! Christian has been so excited knowing that his birthday was coming and that he would be 6 like his friends! Yesterday he kept reminding us all day long that tommorow is his birthday and he will be 6(as if we could possibly forget)!

It amazes me everyday that God has entrusted me with this gift and I have been blessed to be called his mother. He has such an infectious personality and smile. When he laughs you can't help but laugh right along with him. He is so loving and sweet but at the same time he is working towards finding his independence. This has proven to be a difficult adjustment for both him and I but we are working on it!

Happy Birthday Christian! Today we celebrate the blessing that is you! We love you!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fall clean up~for Dad

The boys have been off of school for the past two days because of parent teacher conferences. Today has been a cold and windy day but they still wanted to got outside to play their daily game of football. As I went to the front window to call them in for lunch instead of football this is what I saw! Logan said, "We know how hard Dad works so we are doing this for him!" Notice that Logan is using a rake and Ethan is attempting to use a broom to rake up leaves! These are the moments as a parent where you can see your hard work paying off and it brings a smile to your face. It is hard to notice in the pictures but there were some small snowflakes falling!