Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cake fun and more CNY!

My first soccer ball

Playing Lucky Ducks

My first taste of my birthday cake!

I never "smashed" my cake instead I used my spoon and dug in! mmm good!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

CNY celebration

Tonight we went to a local Chinese buffet for dinner with our local adoption group. I was really looking forward to this evening not only because we finally had Mia home but because we were able to reconnect with other families who have also adopted children from China. During the pain of the wait we had taken a break from the adoption group and it was nice to see everyone again and share Mia with them. She is the youngest in the group and when it was time for the group picture she was not having it. She cried and was all drama! It actually reminded me of our red couch picture in China when she was the only baby screaming her head off. The boys enjoyed trying the different dishes and Mia loved her noodles as always. A fun evening was had by all.

Playing with my new kitchen set before CNY

Little drama queen

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Digging out

The snow is here once again and this time I have enlisted the help of my boys to shovel the driveway! I figure its about time they learn the art of shoveling and with the way the snow is falling they are sure to get lots of practice! Awww the joy of boys! I get to instruct from the side door while they do the work! Life is good even if we are buried in snow!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Girly fun

Mia has just started to show an interest in dolls much to my delight! What fun it is to play with dolls instead of trucks for a change! It is one that I welcome and am very much enjoying! This morning she pulled out one of her baby dolls and started to feed her a bottle and put her over her shoulder to "burp" her. Then it was time to beautify them "Mia style" for the day. She pulled out the brush and "combed" their hair. The poor baby dolls lost their pony tails and some of their hair in the process. She would pick each one up by the hair and then when she was done "styling" them she would toss her to the side and pick up the next baby. She even squeezed in some time "beautify" herself. I guess her mama's hair styling just wasn't doing it for her today! We might have a future beautician on our hands!

Mia's 2nd birthday is this Saturday. I can't believe my baby girl is turning two already! So what does a previous mom of all boys decide to buy her little girl for her birthday? A kitchen set of course! Mia loves to drag out any unused pots and pans while I am cooking. She will sit and stir her spoon in her pot and "cook" right alongside me. I planned on going all out on her kitchen set and executed that plan quite nicely much to my husband's dismay! He thinks this particular kitchen set is way above and beyond what any 2yr old needs. So practical he can be! In fairness I have to cut him some slack because he is new to this having a little girl thing and all of the additional "accessories" she requires. He nearly choked when I told him Mia already has 4 bathing suits for the summer because, well, I have discovered I have a slight addiction for cute little girl's bathing suits! Poor guy! He will really be loving me when he sits down to put it together! In addition to her kitchen set she will also get some pots and pans so she can "cook" us a meal. Now all we need is some play food and we will be all set. Why didn't someone tell me having a girl would be this much fun?