Tuesday, September 30, 2008

As WE wait....I shop!

Since buying clothes isn't practical until we know what size Mia will be I have decided to build up Mia's hairbow collection. I have had to fight the urge on many occasions not to buy clothes. I love the combination of pink and brown and there are so many adorable pink and brown outfits! I ordered these cute clips from the site http://www.love2sparkle.com/. This is the first time I have ordered from this site but her clips are so cute and reasonably priced that I decided to give it a try! I ordered the purple and green sequin butterfly and the red sequin heart hoping that I will be able to use it in time for Valentine's day.

Two years~Seriously!

Seriously(to use a Grey's Anatomy line) has it really been two years since we have been LID? I can tell you that it certainly feels every bit like two years and than some! I am starting to see an end in sight since our MCC will have been submitted one year on October 9, 2007. We have been told the wait is about 10-12 months after you submit your MCC. I am certain that we will surpass the 12 month mark. It does seem that some families with our agency are waiting beyond the 12 month mark and I am sure we will be joining that group on October 9. How is that for optimisim? I would love to be pleasantly surprised and to have this part of the wait behind us. I am so over it!

Too sick for school?

When Ethan came home from school yesterday I could tell is wasn't feeling well. Of course he told me that he felt sick and didn't think he would be able to make it to his soccer game that night. I thought he must really feel sick to decide not to go to his game. I gave him some medicine and he laid on the couch for awhile under the blanket. About an hour later I asked him if I should get his soccer gear together. He said he was going to try to go and I assured him that I would tell his coach at the game that he wasn't feeling good and that maybe he could put his in a position that doesn't require a ton of running(he usually plays mid field so he runs alot). When we got to the game he was feeling a little better and the coach put him in as a forward which is his favorite position so he wasn't about to tell the coach he was too sick to play it. He played well during the game and even seemed back to himself after the game.

This morning he got up and was complaining that his head hurt, his throat hurt, and he was cold. I told him to go back to bed and he could stay home today. Our rule around our house is that if you don't go to school you spend most of the day resting~not watching TV all day. Around 10:00am he woke up and seemed fine. I told him that I thought he needed to go to school because he has an English test tommorow and I wanted him to be there for the review. To my surprise he agreed to go. In the end I think he discovered it might be more fun to go to school than lay around and "rest" all day unless you are really sick. In his defense I know he has a cold and I know he isn't feeling 100% but no fever, no vomit, to school you go! What a mean mom I am!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


~We have been busy with football and soccer practices every weeknight. This makes me wonder how I would get anything accomplished if I had to work. My hat is off to working moms who manage to work and get their kids to their various activites, get dinner on the table, do homework, pack lunches, clean, catch up on laundry etc. I am tired just thinking about it!

~Speaking of soccer and football it has been an interesting year so far. Ethan is on a new traveling soccer team and they have had 6 games and only won 1 game so far. We knew this would be a challenging season with the team being new but it is hard to see the disappointment on his face as he walks off the field at the end of the game. Quite the opposite, Logan's football team is undefeated and his games always end with alot of cheering, excitement, and big smiles! And then there is Christian. He has only had one soccer game and he scored 6 goals! To be fair he has played a couple of seasons and is six years old so for some of these kids this is their first year playing. I would say he has quite an advantage over them.

~I went to a Pampered Chef party last week and ordered from another. My new purchases include the food chopper(how did I manage to survive without this?), a large serving spatula, a mini serving spatula, a garlic press, and the ice cream dipper. I have to say I have the ice cream dipper but it isn't suppose to go into the dishwasher and since Dan thinks any dirty utensil belongs in the dishwasher it is a dark shade of gray instead of the shiny silver it should be.

~About that ladybug on our timeline.....it will be two years on Saturday since we were LID. I wonder what will happen to the little ladybug once she gets to the end of the timeline. Will she just fall off? Or will our timeline continue to increase? I would love for her to fall off and our wait be over. I am trying to be patient and some days are better than others. Everytime the phone rings I hope it is our agency calling with a match. When I see that it isn't I can't help but feel a little dissappointed. So if you call and I seem dissappointed don't take it too personally~you just aren't "THE CALL."

~I have found another distraction or addiction during the wait~Facebook! I think it is great that you can connect with friends and see what they are up to. I am loving my new addiction!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brothers divided

As the boys were getting ready for school today Logan and Christian both decided they wanted to wear their football jerseys today. Logan was first to get dressed and chose to wear his Ohio State jersey. With hearing this Christian had to wear his Michigan jersey!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First grade frustrations

I was expecting it to be a challenge for Christian to transition to first grade but I have been somewhat unprepared for his transition. I expected that he would be tired when he came home from school. I expected that he would be grumpy. I foolishly expected that he would be more than ready to go to bed at 8:30pm. Of the three kids he is more attached to me than Ethan and Logan. I understand it and maybe have even encouraged it because he is the baby of the family. He still loves to sit in my lap and watch TV. He readily gives hugs and kisses. He will lay in our bed and talk about the days events with me before it is time to go to bed and yes there have been many occasions that he has asked to sleep with me at night and I have let him.

I know it is a BIG change for him. Nighttime seems to be the most challenging for us. At night we will put him in bed and within a few minutes he is back out of bed again. Last night he came out quite a few times. One time his head hurt. The next time he had pulled the lamp off of the dresser and asked us to turn it on so he could see. He has never done this before and has never slept with a nightlight. Then he was too hot. And finally the last excuse was "I don't want to go to school" but not before he asked "can I sleep with you?" Every night recently this question has been asked. I tell him no and then put him back to bed. In the morning he is very grumpy. Ethan even asked today "why is he always so grumpy in the morning?" When he is getting dressed in the morning he will put his clothes on backwards and say he is going to school that way. Not wanting to give into that behavior I tell him if that is how he wants to go to school like that it is fine with me. As it gets closer to the bus coming he will quickly put his clothes on the right way. I know all of these behaviors are part of him trying to adjust to school and since I have been through this before I know this too shall pass.