Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reflecting on six months home

January 2010
What a month this has been so far! You have learned to crawl and your language has exploded! You are losing your "baby" look and are starting to look more like a little girl. You have changed so much and you are growing so quickly!

December 2009

You visited the cardiologist for what seems like the hundreth time and she was very pleased with your progress! You also have gained 5lbs since surgery! Yeah! Christmas was extra special this year!

November 2009
You began physical and occupational therapy and we celebrated our first Thanksgiving with you home! We had fun decorating the tree and seeing the look on your face when you saw all of the lights for the very first time.

October 2009
A month of recovering and readjusting to family life. You still amaze us with how easily you are transitioning into our family and how happy you are despite everything you have been through.
September 2009
The month of your life saving surgery filled with so many unexpected ups and downs. I will never forget this month and still have difficulty remembering and looking at pictures of "our" journey through this month. It was life changing to say the least.

August 2009
You are adjusting beautifully to your new home and new family.
What a JOY you are!

July 2009
We travel to China to bring you home! What an amazing journey it was!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

She makes me smile....

Oh how I love this little girl!