Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First grade frustrations

I was expecting it to be a challenge for Christian to transition to first grade but I have been somewhat unprepared for his transition. I expected that he would be tired when he came home from school. I expected that he would be grumpy. I foolishly expected that he would be more than ready to go to bed at 8:30pm. Of the three kids he is more attached to me than Ethan and Logan. I understand it and maybe have even encouraged it because he is the baby of the family. He still loves to sit in my lap and watch TV. He readily gives hugs and kisses. He will lay in our bed and talk about the days events with me before it is time to go to bed and yes there have been many occasions that he has asked to sleep with me at night and I have let him.

I know it is a BIG change for him. Nighttime seems to be the most challenging for us. At night we will put him in bed and within a few minutes he is back out of bed again. Last night he came out quite a few times. One time his head hurt. The next time he had pulled the lamp off of the dresser and asked us to turn it on so he could see. He has never done this before and has never slept with a nightlight. Then he was too hot. And finally the last excuse was "I don't want to go to school" but not before he asked "can I sleep with you?" Every night recently this question has been asked. I tell him no and then put him back to bed. In the morning he is very grumpy. Ethan even asked today "why is he always so grumpy in the morning?" When he is getting dressed in the morning he will put his clothes on backwards and say he is going to school that way. Not wanting to give into that behavior I tell him if that is how he wants to go to school like that it is fine with me. As it gets closer to the bus coming he will quickly put his clothes on the right way. I know all of these behaviors are part of him trying to adjust to school and since I have been through this before I know this too shall pass.

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