Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He runs.....

and SCORES a touchdown and a goal!!!!!!!! Today Ethan and Logan had their first soccer and football games of the season. Dan took Ethan to his game and Christian and I went to the football stadium for Logan's football "pageant." I know what you are thinking "a pageant?" The teams just get introduced and every players name gets announced and they get to run out on the "big" high school field and play a short game. On the last play Logan scored his first touchdown ever! He was so excited and proud of himself! One of his goals this year was to get the chance to score a touchdown and HE DID IT! Ethan also won his soccer game and SCORED one of the goals winning his first travel game 4-1. It was a great sports day here! Unfortunately I will not be posting pictures of Logan's game because his school name is on his shirt. I am sure there is some way to edit it to remove it but I am not sure how to do it. A nice dad from Ethan's soccer team was kind enough to take 81 pictures of the game and there aren't any school names on his jersey I will share his pictures.

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