Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bullets~just because they are easy!

~School shopping is officially OVER! The supplies, book bags, clothes, and shoes are bought and sitting in the closets waiting to be used next week! This morning we got all the supplies out and marked their names on everything and loaded them into their book bags. I still cannot believe school begins in one week and one day but who's counting!

~Last week we went to Kennywood. We had never been there before. I grew up going to Kings Island and Cedar Point but not wanting to face the frustration of the boys not being able to ride the bigger rides and getting upset we settled on Kennywood. We had a great day and Logan and Christian were able to ride mostly everything. Christian rode his first rollercoaster which was quite big! In fact I was surprised he was tall enough to get on it! He LOVED it! I will have to say that as I get older I don't enjoy the rollercoasters. When I was younger and more of a thrill seeker I loved them but I guess my age is showing! Dan doesn't ride rollercoasters at all so we had to compromise that he would take the boys on the wet rides (I hate to get wet and walk around in wet clothes) and I would take them on the rollercoasters. It worked but my stomach and head did not like the compromise. Ethan on the other hand does not like amusement parks so I am sure it wasn't his most favorite way to spend the day.

~Logan will be making a trip to an orthopedic surgeon in a couple of weeks. A little background information, in May someone tackled him on the playground while playing what else~football and he fell on his arm. Since then he has had this bump over his elbow that has not gone away. Now that football practice has started it is starting to bother him. His pediatrician thinks it could be a ganglion cyst but will need an MRI to be able to tell.

~WAITING seems to be the story of my life right now. As I blog I am patiently waiting for my sister's wedding photos to be uploaded. First we were told it would be done over the weekend, then yesterday, and then by this morning. Well it is almost 1:00pm so the morning has past. Maybe when I am done here I will click on then link and they will be done. I am sure she is WAY more anxious to see them~all 1000+ of them.

~I am also finding the wait for our adoption more difficult these days. We turned on our MCC to our agency on 10-9-07 and the wait was 10-12 months for a referral. I e-mailed our agency last week and she said the timeline is still 10-12 months from when we submitted our checklist so we technically we could be receiving a referral any time now. I am trying to tell myself by the end of the year just so I don't get my hopes up but it is SO HARD! Knowing you are close and being at the end of the wait is the HARDEST! I keep trying to prepare myself for "the call" and have played it over and over in my head about how it will go. Which one of the ladies will call me? I feel particularly close with one of the ladies and have hoped it would be her that makes the "call". She has calmed my fears and frustrations on more than one occasion. At that point will I even care who calls~probably not. Will I ask the right questions or will I be a basketcase unable to talk? Only time will tell but I can't wait for that moment!

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