Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cautiously optimistic

Mia is now off the ventilator! They removed her breathing tube around 11:30pm last night. In previous attempts to extubate she was reintubated at the 12 hour mark so we have now gone past that and she is doing great! They also removed her catheter so that is two tubes gone in one day! The nurse did agree to take her arm retraints off as long as I am in the room with her so she is loving that she has use of her hands again. She is clapping her hands despite having an IV in one hand. My eyes are constantly fixed on her because she is quite busy trying to pull at her tubes. Just now she has managed to remove the tape from the IV in her foot all in about 5 seconds! She is so quick! I am cautiously optimistic that we have finally reached a turning point and we are on the road to recovery!

I have been taking alot of pictures to document her surgery. I do have few that I will share soon now that she has her breathing tube out. Unfortunately my SD card is not working so as soon as Dan visits today I will see if he can figure it out. Obviously I will not post pictures right after surgery but if anyone is having a child about to experience OHS and would like to prepare themselves for what they might see after surgery I am happy to share.


The Tracy's said...

Still praying for you guys!

Kendra said...

That is really great news! I have been praying for you several times a day. She is soooo beautiful!!!

Randy and Staci said...

Mia looks just great in her photos. I am so happy for you that she is well on the recovery road now. We will keep praying that she keeps on this path.
Take care,
Staci Barrus