Friday, December 28, 2007

The Christmas tree is DOWN

I really enjoyed our Christmas this year as you can probably tell from the many pictures. I even enjoyed the weeks leading up to Christmas with the anticipation, the decorations, the shopping, and the many Starbucks white chocolate peppermint mochas I consumed this season(gosh I will miss those when they are gone!)but when I am done I am DONE and I am done with Christmas! Not in a Scroogy type of way but I can't stand for my house to be cluttered and having to rearrange furniture to accomodate the tree. We had our tree up for nearly 5 weeks so that is a long time for most or at least me. I was ready for it to come down and for the house to return to some type of normalcy. I comtemplated keeping it up until after New Years(I have never been able to do this) but like every year it manages to come down a day or two after Christmas. So tonight I will enjoy a less cluttered house and remember a wonderful Christmas behind me.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

We just got home from a holiday trip, and I am already putting away decorations. I LOVE putting them up, but do look forward to a clean house again! Glad you had a great Christmas!

Angie said...

OHH...I took mine down today! I don't enjoy that part but it was nice to get everything back to normal. However, my house always looks so bare after a month of lots of decorations. Maybe I need to go shopping! ;)