Friday, October 02, 2009

Procedure today

Mia is going to be having the sclerosing procedure today to hopefully eliminate the fluid on her left side. It is a very painful procedure but she will be sedated so she should not feel anything. I am hoping that I will be able to be in the procedure room with her to comfort her. It should take 2 hrs or so and during that time they will be rotating her to make sure that the medicine coats all sides of her. The goal is that the medicine helps the lungs adhere to the chest wall not allowing the fluid to collect. The surgeon told me that it has a high success rate and at this point it is the best option to try. I am hoping that we end up in the category of "high success" especially since she doesn't have a ton of fluid and this procedure is usually performed in more complex cases. She can have the procedure performed up to three times if necessary. I am aware of the alternate options if this doesn't work but I am trying not to let my mind go there because they are more invasive and she will ultimately end up back in surgery.

Please pray that this works for her today with minimal amount of pain. I am beyond desperate to see the light at the end of this very long tunnel. Mia needs to get home. We need our family back together under one roof. I miss my boys terribly and feel like I have abandoned them. They are handling our separation very well (I am so proud of them!) but I need to get home to them. I need to resume my motherly duties to them. I have missed so many of their football and soccer games. I have been completely "out of the loop" with their schooling. I miss my husband. Dan and I have literally passed each other as we switch shifts at the hospital. My parents have been amazing with helping us and I will never be able to thank them enough. They even rescheduled a much deserved vacation to be here for us. They need their lives back.

As I said before despite all of the events of the past month I would do this all over again in a second for Mia. Before her surgery it would anger me that she was allowed to live in China without the surgery she so desperately needed. I shutter to think about if she had had surgery in China and experienced these complications what would have happened to her. After all that she has been through she smiles at everyone(as long as they are not touching her), waves bye bye, and blows kisses. She is such an example of facing challenges with a positive spirit and a smile. There have been many times that I have needed to take a lesson from her. Who would have thought in spite of her own struggles and pain that she would have taught me a lesson on how to conquer? Still as her mother I long for her pain and struggle to end. Today I pray her end to this chapter is closer so her next chapter can begin.


Kim K. said...

I'm praying like crazy that today's procedure brings the much needed healing that Mia deserves. I'm home today with Josie (the daycare staff is at a training) and I'll be refreshing your blog like crazy for updates. I posted a reminder on my blog for extra prayers this morning. Lots of hugs!!

Carey and Norman said...

Thinking of Mia and praying for her comfort during the procedure she will have today. May Mia gain the strength needed to recover so you can all go home. Praying for peace and encouragement during the days ahead!!

TanyaLea said...

Thinking of all of you today and praying that this procedure does exactly what it is supposed to do, so that ALL of you can resume 'life as usual'... don't those words just sound wonderful now!? My heart just aches for all that you have endured over the past month...but you're so right...we can all learn something from Mia's amazing ability to face challenges with a smile!! What a precious little princess she is!!! Praying for nothing but good news and PRAISE reports here on out!

BIG Hugs,

Tara Anderson said...

Covering you, precious Mia, and the rest of your family in prayer...

You truly have been blessed with little Mia. The moments when our children can teach us to be more like Christ our precious. Definitely worth going through the past few weeks for. :) I know my day will com (hopefully soon!) and I have no doubt I will remember you when we're going through it all. The one thing that sticks out to me every time I read one of your posts is how fortunate Mia is to have her MOMMY there with her through all of this!

Many Blessings,

Aaron and Erica said...


I wish I lived close to you so I could just sit with you and pray with you/for you and for Mia. But I will pray from here instead and I will continue to pray until we hear that sweet little Mia is leaving the hospital and going home to her family. I remember the feelings that you are enduring right now, but looking back mine seem so small in comparison to yours (only 13 total hospital days).

You are bing held by Him, even if you don't feel it all of the time.


Anonymous said...

Another letter to Mia from Grandma. Ok, Miss Mia, enough of spreading your smiles and captivating personality to Cleveland Clinic. I think 4 weeks is ample time for them to see how positively precious you are. We don't want you getting too comfortable up there. I am coming up later today to spend the night with you and all day tomorrow. We need to have some serious conversations about you coming home. WE MISS YOU!!! I love you Grandma

Shannon said...

Oh Melinda, I am praying!!!!! Praying that the medicine coats every tiny spot and that the fluid will be gone, praying for you that you will continue to keep your eyes on the Lord....I am home alomost all day and will be checking in!