Saturday, October 31, 2009

Update on appointments of the past week and random pictures

It was a busy busy week with all of Mia's various appointments. Her cardiologist appointment went well on Tuesday. She still has a small VSD but her heart was making its own rhythms when her pacemaker was checked. That is very good news because the hope is that she will eventually regain her own rhythm and will not need the pacemaker. Time will tell but it is great news! We are also going to be weaning her off of her medications over the next month and we will go back in December for another checkup. Her incision looks great and is healing nicely!

We also had an appointment at the local adoption clinic. I "heart" this clinic because they really get it when it comes to caring for the needs of adopted children. Her developmental skills were evaluated and she also had a medical exam. She will be starting PT soon and what I love about the facility that we will be going to is that it is family based meaning the parents are part of the PT sessions. We also met with a psychologist to address any social or emotional needs she may have. We are not having any bonding or attachment issues that we can see at this time. Praise God and praying that this continues! The doctor felt that based on our conversation Mia was doing very well bonding to us. Her medical exam went well though we are going to meet with the feeding team. Mia has started to "chipmunk" her food. She will eat a couple bites of food and then keep it in the roof of her mouth for sometimes over an hour. This just started after her surgery. The thought is that since her hospitalization was so long and difficult on her and that she had no control over what was happening to her that she is now controlling the food in her mouth. It makes sense, right? It doesn't happen every day but is frequent enough that we want to address it before it becomes a real problem. If she wasn't underweight we would probably wait to see if this phase would pass but she really needs every calorie she can get.

In a nutshell, there you have it, our past week recap! Lots of progress was made and I am looking forward to more to come!


TanyaLea said...

Great progress report...thanks for the update!! I was thinking of you knowing that you had that check-up. Praying that Mia's heart will continue to heal and make HUGE improvements to the point that her pacemaker is no longer needed.

Take care and have a blessed weekend! <><

Kim K. said...

You've all been on my mind. I'm pleased to read it's going as well as it has. How wonderful that you have an adoption clinic that can be such a great resource.

Josie's back to a food obsession now too. The pouching thing lasted for months when she first came home. Now, if she still has food left over after dinner, she begs me to save everything and cries until she sees that I've put it in the refrigerator.


Lindy said...

What a wonderful report! Mia is doing so well after all she has been through. Bless her heart!

Carey and Norman said...

Wonderful progress! Praying Mia is able to come off of the pacemaker soon! So glad hear how well she is doing and love the beautiful photos of Mia and her brothers.

Anonymous said...