Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The unpopular parent?

Ethan asked me to add a song to his Ipod today. Unfortunately for him it was a song that we would not allow. After I explained to him for about the millionth time that we will decide what he is allowed to listen to he got upset and said "I am just going to give you my Ipod then." After about 15 minutes I went into his room without saying anything and gave him a hug and left. He came downstairs a few minutes later and sat at the table. I began to explain to him(again) that we loved him and we always do what we feel is best for him. I also told him that though he doesn't understand now he will one day when he is a parent. He replied "well what if I don't have any kids?" I said "Right now my concern is you and we will do what we feel is right for you." I said "I know it is very hard and it makes you mad when your friends are allowed to do things that you are not allowed." How can a ten year old possibly understand this? I also said "We will probably be one of the most unpopular parents in your entire class and I am okay with that." His response surprised me as he said "Mom you are not the most unpopular parent in my class. Do you remember that paper I had to write about who my hero was? I picked you. No one else picked their parent but me. I know you always try to do what is best for me. You don't let me listen to bad music or cuss like other parents do." I looked at him and said "I am so glad that even though our decisions make you mad sometimes that you realize that we are only doing what we feel is right for you." As I turned to get something out of the refrigerator I looked at his paper that has been hanging there for the past few months and I couldn't help but smile.

My Hero
My mom is my hero.
Her name is Melinda.
She has told me right from wrong all my life.
She has always been good all her life.
Someday I want to be just like her.
She has told me what to do& what not to do & I listen to that.
She made me the good person I am today.
She always knows whats best for me.
And that is why my mom is my hero.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Oh my! You must be beaming. What a great mom you are.

Angie said...

Oh Melinda! How precious! You are a great mother and it shows! I know that made you so proud! Isn't it wonderful when we get to see some of what we are trying to instill in them actually sink in?
I hope you are going to frame the "My Hero" paper!

Kimberly said...

That's so sweet! I'm so glad he really does see how wonderful of a parent you are even if he's not agreeing with your choice to protect him from the right/wrongs in the world! Keep up the great job!

Robin said...

Oh...that makes me teary eyed! What better compliment! You go girl!