Monday, January 14, 2008


~Christian just left for school about 10 mins ago after a few struggles. First he was being very picky about what he wanted to wear to school today. He usually isn't this way with regards to what to wear so I am not sure what the deal was today. He finally found a shirt to wear but the pants he wanted to wear were dirty. Since I was starting laundry anyway I tried to wash the pants for him so he could wear them. Unfortuantely for him they were only half way dry when it was time for him to leave so he had to find another pair. Then he told me "I'm not going to school today!" I mean really will this ever end? We are half way through the school year and he is still not wanting to go to school! It has gotten better but c'mon!

~I am sooo done with everything football in this house! Logan loves to watch football on the weekends and has no problem spending the entire day watching it. Of course it doesn't help that Dan can do the same thing! I can watch a game but refuse to spend an entire day watching football! Yesterday I wanted to run some errands and Logan was having a meltdown that he was going to miss the game! We managed to get him out the door but he continued to ask what time it was and if he would be back in time for the game. He talks football ALL THE TIME! He wants to wear his football jerseys ALL THE TIME! It will be over in a couple weeks but Christian has discovered a new passion~basketball. Could basketball replace football? I doubt it!

~Our adoption agency received a new list of waiting children last week that will probably cover families who turned in their medical checklists in March and April. What wonderful news for these families and children! I can't wait to hear about all the new referrals! We turned our medical checklist in in October so we still have a while to wait (our agency usually receives lists every two months) but I love living through others excitement and hearing about their referrals!

~My sister informed me on Saturday that it is exactly 6 months until her wedding! We are officially on the countdown! My mom and I have begun planning her bridal shower and will be having a luncheon at an Italian restaurant. We have picked the date and have chosen the invitations! Of course I can't go into too much detail here because she reads this blog but we are very excited! I will say that I think my mom and I are overthinking some of the details that may not be so important but my mom tends to be very detail oriented when it comes to this wedding so I just tend to go with the flow.

~My boys are so done with Tae Kwon Do especially Ethan and Logan. They go three nights a week and every time they go it is a struggle. I can understand because they have been doing it for 3 1/2 years. They have reached their black belt and are completely burnt out and have lost interest. I am okay with them quitting. Soccer season will be starting in April and we will be busy with that. Plus not having to pay the monthly fee will be a bonus!

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Danielle said...

Good idea not to give away too many details. And I am NOT at all surprised you and mom are over thinking things. I am sure it will be GREAT and I am very much looking forward to it!