Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The hair dilemma~ To cut or not to cut?

Christian decided over the weekend that he was going to give himself a new hairstyle and here are the results.

Obviously he took a chunk out of the side of his bangs. I guess I should be glad that this didn't happen before pictures and that he didn't cut into the middle of his bangs. I remember when we were little my brother decided to cut his bangs right before Christmas pictures and cut out the middle of his bangs. Of course we still had our pictures taken missing bangs and all. When I asked him why he cut his bangs he simply said "I wanted my hair to be short like my friend Nathan's hair." So the question remains, "will he get the short hair that he wants?" I don't know as that would require for his hair to be buzzed to accomodate the missing bangs and it is still too cold to be sporting that look. Maybe we should just cut it a bit shorter to try to even it out. The problem is he has great hair and "I" don't want to cut it! His hair has a nice texture and is shiny! Christian and Ethan can easily pull off the longer look. Logan's hair tends to be more wavy when he grows it out which makes it harder to keep it looking nice. So what do you think should I cut it or leave it?


Danielle said...

Cut it! It's pretty long right now and he obviously wants short hair. Clean that boy up a little! I'm not having a ragamuffin walk down the aisle at my wedding :)

Angie said...

He is so cute even with uneven bangs! I say cut it just a little for awhile as the shorter part grows out. I wouldn't buzz his hair at all! You are right, he has great hair that doesn't need to be too short.

bev said...

I don't think it looks that bad. If you really like it the way it is, i would just leave it and it will even out soon. It would take longer for all of the hair to grow back if you buzzed it.