Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two weeks from today and a new travel blog

Two weeks from today we will be on a plane headed to China! We have been super busy with packing. All of Mia's stuff is officially packed! I will pack for Dan and I the weekend before we leave because I know I will be down to the last minute before I figure out what I will be bringing as far as clothing goes. I am trying hard not overpack and so far I have been quite please with what I have packed so far. We are taking advantage of every inch of space and of course do not want to go over the weight limit or lug heavy luggage around.

We have also decided to change our blogsite while we are in China. I have heard of families being unable to access their blogs from China using blogspot and do not want to take the chance that this could happen. I will post on this site until we leave and after we return but our travel site is We can't wait to share this amazing journey with all of you!


Danielle said...

I can't believe it! You better post often. You know Brian and I will be stalking the blog!

Kim K. said...

We used while we in China and never had any problems. I'm temporarily catching up. We're headed back to the rental cottage and I'm squeezing in some wi-fi time. I just updated our blog with beach pictures. Best wishes with packing, Melinda!!

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

So happy to hear that Melinda!! You day is almost here. :) I will be following your journey and praying for you all. :)

Betsy said...

I came across your blog from a link on another blog. Your Mia is just beautiful! We brought home a 5 year old boy from China in November 2008. He had a large VSD that was repaired when he was 16 months old. Our cardiologist here just cleared him of any problems - we don't go back for a follow up visit for 4 more years. Best wishes for safe and happy travels!
Mom to 3 amazing kids from China

margaretg said...

Can't wait to see if those headbands REALLY get left on her head!! Congrats again on such a cutie!