Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ebay to the rescue

After the slight initial shock of my bald little beauty and after deciding there is simply no point in bringing the hairbows I have collected for years to China I found a solution on ebay~baby headbands! After three boys there is no way I can go to China without being able to put one hairbow in my daughter's hair or around her head in this case. I have to admit this headband/hairbow thing could become slightly addicting. Some of the headbands with the flowers and such look like they could be bigger than her head! Hopefully she will cooperate and wear her headbands without any fuss. If not at least I made the effort, however vain it may be.


Kim K. said...

That's one way to solution the hairbow crisis!! Great idea. I can't wait to see pictures of them on her sweet little head. Hugs.

Donna said...

I bought several adorable headbands for Lainey, and she wore them well in China. When we got home? Forget it! It took us a while to convince her to stop snatching hairbows out, but she's fine with them now. Even bald, she's precious!!

Danielle said...

It's not vain, it's part of being a girl and being a new mom to a little girl :)