Sunday, April 12, 2009

Coloring eggs

Last night we went to my parent's house to color eggs with the boys. Before coloring eggs we went to church. As we were getting ready for church I had told the boys that since it was Easter service that they were going to have to dress a little nicer for church. Logan said "okay I will wear my jeans and a nice shirt." In his mind this is "dressing nicer" since he wears t-shirts and wind pants EVERY DAY. I told him he had a wear a nice pair of khaki pants and a casual shirt. This was my compromise with him and I thought it was very reasonable. It wasn't like I was asking him to wear a dress shirt and tie! I also told him he would only have to wear his outfit for church and he could change as soon as we got to my parent's house. Honestly you would have thought I was putting him in a dress because of the fit he threw! I have mentioned before that my boys are totally casual and it is quite a feat to get them to ever dress up! In the end Logan wore his "dressier" outfit complaining all the way. As soon as he hit my parent's door he went straight to the bathroom and changed into his "comfy clothes". All was right in his world and mine too!

*Notice the family photo with my boys in their casual wear.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

That looks fun! I gotta admit that I love my comfies as well.

Happy Easter!

Kimberly said...

Very nice family's good to see you in's been awhile :)