Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sled riding

On Sunday we took the boys sled riding for the first time this year. I was a little unsure if I would be participating because I had hurt my back from shoveling the driveway on Saturday. I told Dan "it is definitely time to invest in a snow blower(though we say this every year and every year we end up shoveling hence me hurting my back!). The weather was perfect for an afternoon of sled riding. It wasn't too cold if you were bundled up and bundled up and "I" sure was! Before leaving my mom offered me an extra pair of snow pants to wear. After putting them on and realizing my extra "size" I debated about wearing them. I looked about 50 lbs heavier and just hoped against all hope that noone I knew would be there. Logan was the first to comment saying in a timid voice "mom, umm, your legs look well kinda big." Great I officially felt like the Michelin woman! I swear these were not your "normal" snowpants. These had extra insulation and I noticed they were a bit too short!
Back to the sled riding which is the real focus of this post! As I watched the boys have fun sledding down the hill I couldn't help but remember a couple years back when there would be no way that Ethan would go sled riding. He hates roller coasters or anything that makes his stomach "drop" as he puts it. I can remember in the past him standing there and watching everyone else have fun and I would think to myself "I know he wishes he could be sledding and having fun like everyone else." It was sad to see him stand there. This year was completely different! He couldn't get enough of going up and down the hill! He even tried going on his stomach which is something he never would have tried in the past! Maybe he will try roller coasters next. We all had a great time and with winter just approaching here I am sure we will have many more opportunities to sled ride again!
* In case you are wondering~ no you will not find many pictures of the "Michelin" woman!

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Kimberly said...

Looks like you had a fun time! From the one pic I spotted..you didn't look anything near Michelin size ;) Hope you're back is feeling much better now!