Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Yes I know I am a few days late but I am happy to say that our "routine" finally returned to normal today with the boy's going back to school. Logan was ready, Christian was ready, and Ethan well, he will never be ready to see his vacation end. In honor of the new year Ethan decided well, okay, I decided that he needed to start the new year with a "new look." He loves his longer hair and I deal with it. Yesterday I had had enough and told him he needed to get it cut. Yes cut not trimmed like I usually let him do. I felt as if I had let him sport his unruly longer look long enough and now we needed to come to a compromise. I am very happy with his new look. It is still a "longer" look but it has a style to it which was very much lacking in his previous "style." Does he like it? Well let's just say he is still getting use to it. I will have to take a picture later but you can see from the previous post his previous "style."

So back to the New Year. I was very ready to say goodbye to 08. Obviously it did not end how I had hoped it would end. So we are looking forward to 09 knowing with a high amount of certainty that this will be the year that we see Mia's face for the first time! That will definitely be the highlight of 09 for us! What could possibly top that? So stay tuned for what I am sure will be a very exciting year!

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Danielle said...

You need to post pics of his new do! THANK GOODNESS!!!