Monday, January 26, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

My blogging has been a little slow due to there not being much to report except the hum drum of everyday life. Surely there has to be something going on that is worth reporting in our household! So here goes~bullet style!

~ Ethan and Christian started indoor soccer on Saturday at a local soccer dome. Oh it was so cold! The dome is not heated and it was maybe 10 degrees out. Christian played at 8am so 10 degrees is probably being generous and Ethan played at 1:00pm. They both loved it and both scored the one and only goals for their teams even though they lost. Unfortuantely I forgot my camera but it would have been difficult to take any pictures with my glove covered hands shoved in my pockets the entire time!

~Logan is still playing basketball and made his first basket this week from the free throw line. This is his first year playing and he is playing with a team of fourth graders (he is in third grade) and this team has already played a year before together. He is at a slight disadvantage but is catching on and enjoying it though I think his true passion is of course football, with basketball coming in second, and soccer a distant last.

~Ethan just finished working on a report on China. Over the last couple of weeks he has been working on it at school. When I asked him why he can't work on it at home he said "Mom the teachers do not want the parents doing the report for us so we have to do it all at school." I have the tendency to be "that mother" who some may say helps a little bit too much when it comes to reports and visual aids. I couldn't resist the urge to print out the various pictures he needed for the report and to strongly suggest "my ideas" on how the poster should look even buying the materials that "I" thought would make is look good. Of course when the poster board was complete I did manage to keep my mouth shut when the words weren't quite straight or the pictures weren't as neatly cut out as I thought they should have been.

~Is it spring yet? Ugh I am tired of this incredibly cold weather and snow we have been having! As I sit here I find it hard to find the motivation to leave my warm house and truck off into the cold weather to the store. Can't we just have cereal for dinner tonight?

~For Christmas Dan bought me a Pandora bracelet and added some charms. It is a "family bracelet" with each of the kids initials and a charm representing their interests beside their initial. For example Ethan has a soccer ball next to his initial. As I sit hear looking at it I think I need some new charms. Hmm Valentine's Day is right around the corner~hint hint.


adele and dan said...

You are always welcome here in warm, sunny Savannah!!!:)

Angie said...

I started my mother a Pandora bracelet for Christmas. They are so I want one too!!