Thursday, December 04, 2008


Logan will be having surgery this Monday to remove a mass on his arm. In May he was playing football on the playground with his friends and he ended up getting tackled and hurt his arm. A few days later a bump appeared on his forearm on top of his elbow. When this first happened I was angry and called the school to find out what was going on on the playground. This was the third time in one week that he was injured playing "two hand tap" football on the playground. I understand that playground monitors cannot see everything but when your kid is injured three times in one week it is cause for concern. One of the times he got hurt the secretary called me to tell me someone had stepped on his leg and bruised it pretty badly. They iced it and he seemed okay.

Back to "the bump" as Logan refers to it. We saw an orthopedic surgeon in the summer and he felt that we could wait to have it removed or we could just leave it alone. It doesn't bother Logan unless someone bumps it. The doctor thought it was possible that it could "rupture" on its own. Once football season began Logan was not interested in missing football to have it removed. The doctor felt it was probably just a cyst due to its location but could not say that with 100% accuracy. The only way we will truly know what it is is to have it removed. He also said it isn't entirely fluid filled and that there is something solid in it. Dan and I both feel that since we can't know exactly what it is until it is removed it must come out which obviously means surgery for Logan. After it is removed it will be sent to pathology and about a week later we will get the results.

Logan does not seem nervous at this point. The only thing he has told us is he does not want to have to wear "those hospital pajamas." Unfortunately that is out of our hands. I think I am more nervous than him. My children have never had surgery of any kind. Ethan had ear tubes but that was not under general anesthesia. The surgery should last about an hour and we will be able to go home that day. So after Monday "the bump" will be gone and all that will be left is a tiny scar.

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Donna said...

Praying it all goes well for Logan, I know you'll all be relieved to have it done.
Love the new blog colors!!
My Christmas wish for you, too :) How sweet of your son, he'll make an awesome big brother.
We tried the photo shoot this weekend, and ended up with something doable, but not spectacular. Sigh...