Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Your time is up!

Hopefully tonight Cloris Leachman's run on "Dancing with the Stars" will come to an end. Carrie Ann said it best last night when she said "we let Toni Braxton go for this?" At first I could find the humor in it all and even admired Cloris for attempting to learn to dance but I am tired of her antics and if someone else who has more talent and potential gets sent home tonight and Cloris stays I might have to boycott the show. Her entertainment value is gone and now I just find her annoying! She can't dance and just tries to "entertain" her way through it. I have never seen the judges score lower than a five but I think last night's performance deserved much lower than a five. I guess they are scoring based on effort. I told Dan last night the only reason I can imagine that she is still there is the same reason the worst singer on American Idol always seems to make it into the top six or so. People are "voting" for the worse and that is why Cloris remains. She certainly is not there based on her dancing skills.

Another contestant that needs to step it up before they are voted off is Susan Lucci. I really do think she has the potential to be a great dancer but something is holding her back. I think it is clear that she is not comfortable with her dancing. She was off several times last night and at this stage of the competition you need to be in sync with your partner. She needs to "let it go" and become more comfortable in her dancing.

Let's hope tonight we are bidding Cloris farewell so the real competition can begin!

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Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

YOu are too funny! I only watched the first episode, but would agree.