Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My friend Donna tagged me so now I have to share 7 weird or interesting things about myself. I tend to avoid "being tagged" but this one sounded fun and I am sure I can come up with at least 7 weird or interesting things to share!

1. I hate, depise, and avoid at all costs public speaking! I am not a "center of attention" type of person and would much rather blend in with the crowd rather than stand out. However this past July I had to overcome my public speaking phobia. My sister got married in July and asked me to be her Matron of Honor. As honored as I was for her to ask me I knew I would have to give a toast at the reception. I even tried to pass off my "duties" to another bridesmaid but knew I would forever regret it if I didn't deliver my speech so I did it shaking like a leaf the entire time! I am so glad I took advantage of the opportunity and didn't pass out in the process!

2. I have this OCD habit of checking numerous times to make sure the garage door is down before we go to bed at night. I will also check to make sure all the doors are locked. Dan finds this habit very annoying because I will ask him to check right after I have checked and then I will go down and check again. It is very OCD!

3. I have never had a speeding ticket. Now in all fairness I have been pulled over a couple times for speeding but I have always managed to get myself out of the ticket. I have always said I think it is because the officer checks my license and notices I don't have any offenses and lets me off the hook. I know my time is probably coming but for now I can say "I have never had a speeding ticket."

4. I hate camping. I am not an outdoorsy type of girl at all. When I was younger and in girl scouts I actually quit scouts after our first camping adventure. The sad part is we actually camped in a cabin and I still hated it.

5. I get homesick very easily which will be interesting to be in China for two weeks! As a child I would hate to be away from home. I remember sleeping over at friend's houses and calling my mom in the middle of the night to come and get me. I think I am much better now that I am older but I still love the comforts of home.

6. Purell is one of my best friends! I am constantly sanitizing or disinfecting something. The first words out of my mouth when my kids get home from school is "Wash your hands." I also hate to shake people's hands but how do you politely decline when you are at church? I pay particular attention at church if anyone I am standing by is sneezing, coughing, or blowing their nose and I will turn from them when it is time to shake hands. I will also try to be discreet and get in my purse and purell my hands after shaking hands.

7. I was a band nerd in high school. No I didn't play any instruments I was a flag carrier. I actually enjoyed it in high school but hated our uniforms! They were old and the skirts were so long. We had to wear white boots with pom poms on them. Luckily my junior year we got new uniforms that were much more "stylish."

Now I am suppose to tag 7 people. I am to lazy to link blogs so I will tag any of my ladybug friends who have not participated yet. Leave me a comment when you are finished!

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Kimberly said...

I LOVE Purell too, it was as I could've wrote exactly what you wrote about germs/purell/washing hands. LOL It drives my husband insane but no matter where we go, there's always purell in my purse, car, or I'm making everyone wash their hands the minute we get home :)