Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interesting fashion sense

First the backwards shirt (which by the way he did wear it that way to school and then decided to put it on the correct way once his friends started asking him why it was backwards!) and now this. Christian was putting on his shin guards and socks on for soccer practice and decided to make yet another fashion statement~tucking his pants into his socks! He asked if he could go to practice like this and since I am the type of parent to choose my battles (see previous post) I told him to go right ahead so out the door he went.

Since this week we seem to be on the topic of Christian I received an interesting call from his teacher today. The kids are allowed to bring a snack to school since they don't get to eat lunch until 12:30. I personally think this is way too long to go without a meal for a first grader even with a snack! His teacher asked me if I would send in an extra snack for Christian because he was complaining about being hungry. I told her I had no problem sending an extra snack to school but I was under the impression that only one snack was permitted. She told me it would be fine and that she has offered him ritz bits cheese crackers but he tells her he doesn't like the cheese only the cracker. She also said he asks to go to the office all the time to get some pretzels because he is hungry. I told her that if she hasn't noticed yet he is an extremely picky eater and she laughed and said "yes I have certainly noticed!" I could hear Christian in the background and she told him that she would let him talk to me but that he wasn't to ask for me to send candy to school for him. So what does he do? As soon as he hears my voice he says "Mom can you send me some candy?"


adele and dan said...

Thank you for your kind words. I read your post dated Oct.9, and I so feel ya sista. I always said at least when your waiting to travel you know the age, the face, the weight, the height, all those details that we can only make up at this point. I so want to buy clothes but what to buy size, season etc. Anyway, thanks again for your comments. Look forward to waiting with you.

Donna said...

lol...yep, pick your battles. You sound like a great momma. :)

Donna said...

Hey Melinda!
I tagged you on my blog :)