Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Preparing to switch gears

This week is the official start to the boys' football and soccer season. Don't get me wrong I love to see them play but this marks the begining to the end of summer for us. Not that there aren't a few weeks of carefree summer days left before the boys start school (school starts on August 2o~grrr!) but with the fall sports season begining it is a reminder that for us a new routine must begin. I love not having a routine in the summer! We sleep in a little later, play outside longer, stay at the pool and swim all day, and NO HOMEWORK! I am not ready to say goodbye to my "laid back" summer days. After all I am still sitting in my pjs and it is 11:00am!

I am unmotivated to think about buying school supplies and getting back into a school routine. I haven't even looked at their supply lists for this year and with three of them going all day I should probably get started on that. Usually at the begining of August I start school supply shopping and have it all done with the bookbags packed. I have a couple days left before August 1 so maybe I will find the motivation by then. On a positive note, I have done some back to school clothes shopping for them but only because I have stumbled upon a few good sales. I am moving in the right direction. At least they will look good going back to school even if they are missing a few supplies!

We are planning a couple fun activities in the next couple weeks to wind down summer vacation. If my blogging is sparse you can assume that we are soaking up the sun and enjoying the end of our carefree summer days!

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