Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dentist appointments

This week the boys are going to the dentist. Ethan and Logan will go tommorow and today was Christian's day to go. Christian goes to a pediatric dental specialist because his teeth are very crowded. He use to go to our family dentist until last year when we discovered he had an abcess tooth. Our family dentist was dead set against pulling it. When I went to get a second opinion at the pediatric dental specialist his thinking was more in line with our thinking and we decided to have it pulled. Actually we had both of his top front teeth pulled to make room for his permanent teeth.

Today at our visit I had a feeling that we would be discussing extraction but only expected to discuss having maybe one tooth pulled. Instead he is recommending that we have three teeth pulled! Two on the top to make room for the permanent teeth and one on the bottom to make room for the bottom teeth. He said while this is not going to make his teeth straight and he will definitely need braces down the road it *could* lessen the severity of the orthodontic work he will eventually need. It *could* also lessen the pain of the orthodontic work because his teeth wouldn't be as crooked thus needing more work to be straightened. He said he can't guarantee that it will help but our odds are definitely better if we chose to extract the teeth. I hope tommorow's dentist appointments bring better news!

In regards to the last post I have decided that tonight while Ethan is at soccer practice and Logan is at football practice that Christian and I are going to do his school supply shopping. I decided I am going to take each of the boys individually to do their shopping. It will give us some one on one time together and will be less stressful!

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Christopher said...

Is the kid going to have any teeth left?