Friday, May 16, 2008

The Earthquake

My heart is so heavy and sad for the Chinese people. I cannot even begin to imagine the devastation that has occurred. The images I have seen are absolutely haunting to me. One in particular is so very upsetting because I cannot comprehend this kind of pain.

This mother lies by her child's body in what must be sheer pain and agony from the loss of her child. Quite possibly this might have been her only child. Yes the image may be disturbing to some but this is just a small glimpse of what must be going on in China. Many have asked me how I think this earthquake will affect our adoption process. The simple answer is "I don't know." I can think of many scenarios here. It may slow down the process because China will be more focused on the devastation from the earthquake and adoptions may go on the "back burner" so to speak. It could possibly speed up adoptions because tragically many children have now been left orphaned. At the moment though I have thought about our adoption, I almost feel guilty wondering how it will affect ME when there are so many others who are suffering. It almost seems selfish. As I type this post I am listening to my children outside playing basketball and laughing. We just finished dinner so their bellies are full. They will fall asleep in their beds tonight and wake up tommorow with their basic needs and beyond being met.

Our adoption agency has set up an earthquake relief fund to help purchase tents, food, diapers, medicine, clothes, and post-quake building repairs and construction. To make a donation please visit or mail your donation check to Chinese Children Charities marked "ERF." Please keep China in your prayers.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

My brain/heart can't even take in that photo. So sad.

Angie said...

So sad. Praying here in GA....