Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Afternoon Tea and Bachelorette Party!

This past Saturday my sister had an afternoon tea bridal shower hosted by Brian's aunts. I had never been to an afternoon tea shower and it was beautiful! I don't think they missed one detail! Sterling silver teapots, crystals on the table, tiny sugar cubes with little flowers on top, and amazing food! Served was a three course meal. The first course was a white chocolate cherry scone served with three different dipping sauces and tea. The second course were tea sandwiches that included ham salad, egg salad, cucumber, and turkey sandwiches. Next was dessert which included different kinds of pastries and cookies! It was a beautiful and elegant shower!

Saturday night was her bachelorette party. The first part of the night everyone met at a hotel(about 30 guests attended) where each guest brought a "sexy" gift for Danielle. She got a good mix of lingerie and comfy pjs which is good because comfy pjs really become the staple after the first couple years of marriage(if not sooner, sorry Brian)! All of us married couples can attest to that! After she opened her MANY gifts we headed to a local club. My mom, me, Brian's mom, and aunts stayed for a little bit and then went back to Danielle's house and spent the night. The younger crowd stayed out later and spent the night at the hotel. I am not very comfortable in the club scene so one stop for my sister and I was done.

It was a great but exhausting weekend and makes me even more excited for Danielle and Brian! Just two more months until they say their "I dos."

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