Monday, March 03, 2008

Kalahari weekend!

This past weekend we went to Kalahari with my parents. Kalahari is the largest indoor waterpark in the country! The waterpark is amazing with so much to do! There is a wave pool, a large water play area for kids, several smaller water play areas for toddlers (something to look forward to with Mia), and many different and fun water slides. There are also several restaurants, an ice cream station, and a candy station. There is a huge arcade with a play area for kids. The fun goes on and on all weekend!

I did experience one of the most frightening moments of my parenting ever this weekend. Dan and the boys were going down a slide that you go down on your stomach on a mat. Basically four people race each other down the slide so they all went together. My parents and I stood at the end of the slide waiting for them. First comes Christian, then Ethan, and then Dan. I asked Dan as he got off the slide "where is Logan?" He said, "he went down before me because I gave him a push down and then got on my mat and went." All of the sudden I see Logan's mat come down without him on it. I immediately went into a panic and ran to the lifeguard at the end of the ride and told her "my son was suppose to be on that mat that just came down and he isn't!" She got on her walkie talkie and was asking the person at the top of the ride "where is the little boy that was suppose to be on this slide? His mat just came down but he didn't." While all this is going on my mom and Dan are running up the stairs to the top of the ride to find out what happened. I cannot explain the shear panic I felt thinking that somehow he was stuck up in the tube and scared to death. I felt so helpless knowing that there was no way for me to get to him. Finally the lifeguard said "They are bringing him down. He never made it down the ride because he lost his mat." The entire incident probably lasted 2-3 minutes but it felt like more like 15! As soon as I saw him coming down the stairs I ran over to him and hugged him both of us crying. Dan said he must have pushed him and then got on his mat and went down and the lifeguard saw he lost his mat and pulled him off the ride. Logan said when he lost his mat the lifeguard grabbed him by his ankles so he wouldn't go down. There must be some reason they wouldn't let him go down without a mat. All I know is I am so thankful that the worse didn't happen and that he was okay. I don't recall another moment in my parenting when I was more panicked. I think it took 10 years off my life!

Despite that incident we had fun weekend and I look forward to Kalahari every year (even though we have only been twice!) It is the perfect winter getaway!

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Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Sounds like a scarey incident. Glad everything turned out OK, and that you had fun.