Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shopping with the boys

This past weekend we went shopping for the boys Easter/wedding clothes for my sister's wedding. As any mom of boys would probably agree this can be a difficult and frustrating task. You can easily find beautiful dresses with matching bows and socks for little girls, but it seems much harder with boys (or maybe it is just my boys!). My boys prefer a more casual look. For example they would much rather wear a pair of khaki pants, a nice long sleeve button down shirt, and maybe a sweater vest over it. Now the button down shirt would have to be untucked and the sleeves rolled. The pants have to be slim fit because my boys have small waists which makes it harder to find pants. Needless to say they were less than thrilled when they found out that this year's dress attire would be a little more formal due to the wedding and me not wanting to buy multiple outfits. Ethan hates to go shopping and when he found out he would be wearing a tie he got upset and was totally uncooperative. Ethan defines the word "casual". Logan eventually warmed up to the idea of dressing up when he found a tie and pants that he liked. Christian is in the wedding so we did not need to worry about getting him an outfit. So what did we end up with? Two pairs of black dress pants, two belts, two ties, and a tie for Dan all for $71.00! We managed to get all our shopping done in one store which was great!


Pamela, Aaron, Noah, Calvin & Michael said...

I was doing the same exact thing today! My brother in law is getting married in Alabama in April and thankfully, our middle son is a ring bearer so he'll be wearing a suit, but Noah & Michael need a nice outfit... I ended up finding some dark brown khaki pants at Gap and I found some nice white button down shirts with khaki colored prints ... they are definitely "casual" guys. Calvin really is excited about his suit though!

Kimberly said...

Sounds like shopping with my boys. Ben hates shopping and especially for dressier clothes than he prefers. He also refuses to wear ties when I ask him to, sigh. Glad you got all your shopping done and in one store too!