Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Powerflex class

I tried a new class today at the gym called Powerflex. I am the type of girl who has never really been interested in the classes that the gym offers. I prefer to workout on my own schedule and do my own thing. My friend Bev recently tried this class and really liked it so I thought I would give it a try. I am use to weight training so I hoped I would be up to the challenge! Powerflex is a weight training class that you use a different variety of weights. We used dumbbells, the barbell(I have never used this before so it was somewhat awkward), and a ball. Most of the work required the barbell and I felt a little unsteady today being new to it. I only used 10 lbs weights on it today until I can get a good feel for it. However I am always up for a good challenge when it comes to working out! I feel I got a decent workout in but next time I need to adjust the weights a little more. We did lunges, squats, ab work, triceps, biceps, shoulder presses, push ups, you name it we did it! This class is taught on different days of the week by three different instrustors and I think we got the easiest one. I might try to go on Saturday where rumor has it that this particular instrustor kicks your butt!

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