Monday, July 06, 2009

Our travel itinerary

7/8 Leave US for Beijing

7/9 Arrive in Beijing (we arrive in Beijing at 1:50 pm China time)

7/10-7/11 Tour Beijing

7/12 Depart Beijing for Zhengzhou

7/13 Mia Day!!!!

7/14 Adoption Registration

7/15 Free day or optional tours

7/16 Receive notary documents/free day/optional tours

7/17 Receive Mia's passport/leave Zhengzhou and fly to Guangzhou

7/18 Mia's visa photo and physical

7/19 Free time. Rest/Shop(oh yeah)/tour

7/20 Tuberculosis test though I think Mia will be free from this test because she is under 2

7/21 Free day with an option to shop(oh yeah again!) or tour unless we need to visit the clinic for a chest x-ray

7/22 Consulate appointment (getting closer to home)

7/23 Go to US Consulate to take our oath (closer to being homeward bound)

7/24 Leave Guangzhou for Beijing and then onto the good ole USA! Mia will officially become a US citizen as soon as we land on American soil!


margaretg said...

Isn't is great to see it all written out! I am soo happy and excited for you and your family, especially Mia. She's not gonna know what to do with those big brothers!! Safe and happy travels.


Kim K. said...

It's definitely feeling real now. Safe travels. I can't wait to follow your journey. (((hugs)))