Thursday, July 30, 2009

Busy first week home!

Nothing like jumping right back into the business of life! We came home to the boys having football or soccer practices every week night and school starting in less than a month. Great timing, huh? I would have loved to have gotten a week under my belt of adjusting to being a family of six before the sports craziness began but that was not to be!

Mia had her first cardiologist appointment on Tuesday. Surgery is tentatively scheduled for September 8. We were at the hospital most of the day for various tests and we also met with a nutritionist. The cardiologist suggested that we try and boost Mia's nutrition as much as possible before she undergoes surgery. She is tiny at 15.8lbs so I think that this is the best course of action for Mia. She is a great eater and hopefully it is just a matter of continuing to make sure she is getting extra calories and putting on a little bit of weight. I may not have mentioned this, but in China, her nannies told us that they spoon fed Mia all of her liquids. She has no idea how to drink from a bottle or sippy cup so this has posed another challenge but we are slowly working on it. Another challenge we are facing is that Mia is behind developmentally and we may need to look into physical therapy. She is unsteady sitting up and is nowhere near walking. I am trying to hold off on the physical therapy for awhile because I would like to see what she is able to accomplish on her own here with us. I also am concerned about her emotional state and too many changes being thrown at her at once. Right now she seems to be interacting and bonding really well with us and I don't want to disrupt that.

Mia was at the pediatrician yesterday not for a physical checkup but for a sinus infection. The poor baby has had a cold since we left China and was miserable yesterday. Her first appointment with the pediatrician is not scheduled until August 25. I am going to talk to the pediatrician today because she really needs to be seen sooner with surgery scheduled for September.

We are having a great time getting to know our little girl. I know I continue to mention it but it is amazing to me that with all the life changes she has been through that she still laughs, giggles, and smiles at us. She thinks the boys are hilarious! She is a great little sleeper and she is already on US time! Yeah! She loves to be held but does not like her snugli so my arms are really getting a good workout! She is becoming more familar with toys and is even starting to find a few favorites though she will play with anything she can get in her hands on. I love to try and see things through her eyes knowing that this is probably the first time she is experiencing it.

Our lives have definitely changed and we are all adjusting to our new way of life with a toddler. Life is busy, busy, busy but we are all loving our little Mia!


Wendy said...

Sounds wonderful, Melinda! From my experience, Abigail had no coordination or muscle, but it changed dramatically over the course of a few'll be amazed what not sitting in a crib all day can do for a child, seriously. We're praying night time prayers for Mia...

Wendy in CF

Kim K. said...

It's so nice to see all the kids together in the pictures. I agree with Wendy. It's amazing how quickly Mia will catch up physically with proper nutrition and stimulation. How wonderful that she's a good sleeper. I'll be sending prayers your way for September 8th. Being in your same shoes a little over a year ago, I can totally relate. Hugs!!

Donna said...

I remember we had to jump back into the business of big kids, too :) Lainey rolled with it, and it sounds like Mia is too! Sorry she's been sick, that's no fun for anyone. And, I think you're right about letting her see how far she can go on her own, before throwing PT at her. She's dealing with a lot, family bonding is best right now :) Enjoy your Mia!

Kimberly said...

I'm glad Mia is doing well and adjusting to her new busy life with her new family. I hope she starts feeling better soon!

Shanna said...


I've been wondering how her cardio appointment went. Sounds like things are going well. Glad I'm not the only one who came home to a busy schedule! My neighbor has me all in a tizzy about how it's going to mess up my attachment!

We'd be so lucky to be on US time! Eli is going to sleep around 9pm, then waking up at 4ish. He will take a nap during the day and it's very, very difficult to wake him. I'm hoping it's just the jet lag. I'll give it one more week.

Mia looks just beautiful -- as do your boys. We will be praying about her surgery.

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

It's hard, but you can do it!! Just one day at a time.

I'm surprised that they are doing the surgery so soon!! Our cardi had us wait 18 mos. because he wanted Em to gain some weight. We kept her on the Toddler formula and Pedisure for about 6 mos. Check into the EI program where you live, it was great for Emma!!
She was very delayed as well. Another friend had to PT for her eating, she wouldn't eat anything and only took a bottle at 15 mos.

Would love to get together to meet you and your daughter! We are not so far. :)