Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend etc.

What a busy but fun weekend we had! On Saturday we went to Kings Island with my sister and brother in law. This is a trip I will always remember and with good reason! Ethan has never been a fan of amusement park rides but rollercoasters in particular. It has always been a struggle to take him because he would refuse to ride any of the rides. Last week he told me that he really wanted to try to ride his first rollercoaster. Not only did he ride his first rollercoaster he ended up riding almost all of the rollercoasters and had such a good time! When I think back to our previous trips to amusement parks it would always make me sad because I knew he would watch everyone else enjoying the rides yet he felt he couldn't for the fear of how they made his "stomach drop" as he would say. He has conquered his fear and will now be able to join in the fun! Of course Logan and Christian rode every ride that they were big enough for. Fear has never been a factor for them!

On Sunday we went to a local park and Brian and the boys rode on a paddleboat on the lake. It was HOT! As they were riding Dani and I walked 2.5 miles in our flips flops(my feet were so sore after) on the trail around the lake. Luckily it was shaded because did I mention it was hot? After our walk we had some ice cream that was well deserved!

Yesterday was the last awards ceremony of the school year and the 5th grade farewell video. The boys all made the honor roll for the year! The 5th grade video was of all the kids during their time in elementary school. It still amazes me to see how much he has grown and changed in six years. They also sung the song "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion to the parents. Ethan was literally 5 ft from me during the song. Did I cry? Of course but I was in good company because most of the parents (moms anyway) were crying. I found that if I didn't look at Ethan the tears didn't flow as hard so I did look away quite a bit. He tried not to look at me during the song but made sure to mention to me afterwards that my makeup was running! Thursday is the last day of school and we are ready for the summer to begin!

Our fingerprinting letter did arrive on Friday and our refingerprinting is scheduled for next week! I will be so glad to get this out of the way for the LAST time! Wahoo! Now if we could only get our LOA!

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KI is only about 15 minutes from my door!! One day we will have to meet, along with Kim W.