Wednesday, May 27, 2009

San Diego Marathon

"The marathon's about being in contention over the last 10K. That's when it's about what you have in your core. You have run all the strength, all the superficial fitness out of yourself, and it really comes down to what's left inside you. To be able to draw deep and pull something out of yourself is one of the most tremendous things about the marathon." - Rob de Castella

This Sunday my sister, brother in law, and brother will be running the San Diego marathon. This is such a big achievement for each of them but especially my sister. My sister has struggled with arthritis since she was a child. I can remember when we were younger and she was in grade school that her arthritis would be so bad that there were many mornings that she would not be able to get out of bed because her legs were so stiff that she couldn't walk. She literally would wait in the morning for my dad to carry her out to the kitchen table to eat breakfast and get ready for the day. Still every morning no matter how much pain she was in or how difficult it was to move she got up. Not once do I remember her crying. Not once do I remember her feeling sorry for herself. Never did she give up even when she couldn't participate in the sports she loved she was still there, on the sidelines, cheering her team on. Even when she wasn't feeling 100% she got out there on the basketball court and gave 100%.

A couple weeks back as my sister was running and had a few more miles to go to get to her 20 miles she ran by a group of people. All of the sudden it occured to her that the group that she just ran past was a local arthritis group. She told us that tears just started flowing. She thought of all she had been through and to now be training for a marathon was just overwhelming.

On Saturday quite an accomplishment will be achieved. I am so proud of her! I know she will make it. Her determination and perseverance will see her through it. The same spirit that caused a little girl to get up every day with a smile on her face fighting through the pain is the same spirit that will help her cross that finish line!

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