Monday, February 09, 2009

The neglected blog

Update:Here is the one and only basketball picture. As for Thursday's game we were in a rush to get to the game and I thought I put the camera on the front seat only to realize when we got to the game that I had indeed forgotten it~AGAIN! I do have indoor soccer pictures from Christian's game this morning but his school name is on his shirt and I am not computer savvy enough to figure out how to hide it. I will also post Ethan's game pictures on facebook too because as a parent I would hate to post pictures of another person's child without their permission on a public site. If you are a friend on facebook you can find them there.

Welcome to the "neglected blog"! I seem to have these spurts that I post often and other times that a couple weeks will past before I post. Let me just confess right off the bat that not only have I neglected the blog but I also realized that I have neglected to take pictures of the boys in quite awhile. It is totally pathetic considering Ethan and Christian are both playing soccer and Logan has been playing basketball for a couple of months and yet I have no pictures to share! I did take the camera to Logan's basketball game on Thursday night and as I went to take my first picture the camera battery died! I think I might have got the shot but I don't know how good it was! If it came out I will post it later. Speaking of the game it was a great game! They won 21 to 22! I promise to take the camera to the game this Thursday and to the soccer games on Saturday! Stay tuned for pictures!

Last week the boys all had their yearly doctor's appointments. Ethan weighs 73 lbs, Logan weighs 59 lbs, and Christian weighs 56 lbs! It is funny that Logan and Christian are almost 2 years apart in age yet almost weight the same! Christian has hit a growth spurt recently. All my boys have usually stayed in about the 70-75th percentile (with Christian being a little higher) when it comes to their weight. All is well with Ethan and Logan but Christian will be going to see and ENT for his tonsils. His tonsils have always been larger than average but his left tonsil is so big it is almost goes to the center of his month. He also snores alot so their pediatrician thought with both those issues combined his tonsils may need to come out.

So there is a brief update until I can get some pictures up! This week will be another busy week with practices, church, Valentine's day parties, and volunteering at the school book fair. The boys all have practice tonight. Same time but in three different locations. Not to mention Dan works until 8:00pm tonight. Thank God for my parents who offered to help me shuttle the boys to their various events!

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adele and dan said...

Hi Melinda-
I have very large tonsils also! I was suppose to have them removed when I was a child but my parents didn't want me to be in the hospital anymore than I had been. I had an issue with my blood sugar as a youngster. I snore because of my tonsils and every new doctor I go to cannot believe I can breath thru my mouth they are so big. What do they say??-"big tonsils, big heart"...I just made that up:) Anyway, I saw today is your 16month MCC..what can I say?? I'll be waiting with you..
I told my husband where you live and he knew where that was. He lived in Cleveland for 2years when he worked for TWA.