Monday, November 24, 2008

Back from my long but much needed break

All out silliness

Things are starting to get a little silly. Just look at Logan's face.

A nice picture of me and Ethan

Grandpa's ? birthday

Christian's 7th birthday

Time for a quick November catch up since taking a break from blogger world. First I would like to thank everyone who left comments or e-mailed me offering your prayers and support. It truly meant alot to me. I am feeling much better now and even though we made a difficult decision I know it was the right decision and I am at peace with it.

November was a busy month with football and soccer end of the season parties, Christian's 7th birthday, and the holidays quickly approaching! They come faster every year and I know the stores start playing the Christmas music earlier every year! This weekend we got in the Christmas spirit and put up our tree. We usually put it up the weekend before Thanksgiving since it is so much darn work! Getting up in the attic and dragging it out with attic dust falling all over the place! Separating all of the tree branches and cleaning up the many "needles" left on the floor! Straightening the branches and fixing the lights. It never fails that every year we need to replace a strand or two or three! I sound like a "scrooge" and I really do love the holidays and all of the festivities but you get the point it is ALOT of work! I love to see the kid's faces when the tree lights up for the first time! Christian said last night as we were trimming the tree "mom I think Santa will think we have the best tree!" I love how the tree is the first thing they turn on in the morning even before the TV! I love to catch a glimpse of them just staring and admiring the tree. Yes it is definitely all worth it!

I will end this post with random pictures from the month of November. Of course I will have more after Thanksgiving! We are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with my sister and brother in law and his family! My parents bailed on us and went to Hilton Head. Can you believe that? Would you rather spend Thanksgiving with your family in Ohio or be on the beach in Hilton Head? Don't answer that I think I know the answer!

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Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Glad you are back! Happy Thanksgiving!