Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The results of 4 straight days of rain and football practice

Last night Logan had flag football practice despite 4 days of nothing but rain. I should know better from soccer that unless there is lightening there IS practice. The boys had a blast practicing in the mud. There was a lot of slipping and sliding! At the end of the practice the coaches had them do push ups in the mud. I think this was just to ensure that they were extra muddy before they went home~and it worked! Next time I will come better prepared as I had totally forgotten to bring a towel to wipe him off after practice. *Note*~the missing teeth. We are hoping the permanent teeth come in before school pictures.


Angie said...

How least for the kids! ;)
I love his toothy grin! What a cutie!

Mark and Rebecca said...

That actually looks like lots of fun!

Kimberly said...

Nothing better than playing in the mud! Looks like Logan sure enjoyed it!