Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kindergarten blues

We are experiencing the "kindergarten blues" in our household. Christian is so excited to start school tommorow but I have a case of the kindergarten blues. I have been crying on and off the past couple of days thinking about his big day tommorow. I have experienced the kindergarten blues with Ethan and Logan but this time it is different. For now Christian is the baby and it seems harder for me to "let him go" even if it is just for half a day. It feels harder this time because when the older boys went off to school there was always a younger child to tend to and now it will just be me. Don't get me wrong I am sure I will get use to and even enjoy my "me" time but on the eve of him starting school it is hard to think about how different it will be. Also for the past couple of years when the older two went to school it was just Christian and me and I have really enjoyed our one on one time together. He will have the same teacher Logan had and she is wonderful but I feel sad and maybe even a tiny bit jealous that she will be spending "our" time with him. With as busy as our lives seem to be it is going to be harder and harder to find and I know I will miss it. Of course as I said he is only going to be going half day and we will still have our mornings together so that is my bright side. I know that kindergarten is the first step to "real school" and I do not look forward to having my entire day free from my kids. Am I crazy or what? Let's just focus on tommorow. We will cross that bridge next year.

I am just sad to leave this stage of our lives behind for now. On days like this you truly realize how quickly they grow up and long for them to be little and all yours once again.


Kimberly said...

((HUGS)) Good luck for Christian with school tomorrow and good luck for you too! I don't look forward to the day when my Christian will be off to school half or full day. Make your mornings that much more special :)

Angie said...

Praying for you and Christian today. I hope all goes well.

Mark and Rebecca said...

So sorry that you are feeling sad. I bet that it is sad to see your kids reach new stages. Give them all an extra hug today.

Pamela said...

I could copy your post and put in on my blog and it will fit EXACTLY what I am going through right now! Other than, for me, my boys don't start school until next Tuesday after Labor Day. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Maybe you can comfort me next week :)