Tuesday, February 20, 2007

5 months LID

Today marks 5 months since we have been LID. Looking back it was one year ago last February that we started our journey to Mia by submitting our application to CCAI. After our approval we received our dossier guide via e-mail and I remember printing it off and letting it sit on the desk for a couple days before I could even read it. It seemed so overwhelming to me! When I finally read it I decided I would concentrate on completing one section at a time. That made all the difference! I was a woman on a mission with a husband that followed my lead and signed where I told him to sign and showed up to scheduled appointments on time. Together we made it through the dossier process and together we will make it through the wait.


Mark and Rebecca said...

Congrats on your 5 month LID-aversary! You are several months closer to Mia!


Kimberly said...

5 months down hopefully not too many more to go! Mia is getting closer to you everyday!