Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December and updates

Here I go again trying to update my blog after nearly a 3 month absence. I have struggled with what to do with this blog. I have considered closing my little corner of the blogging world due to, and I am just being honest here, my lack of desire to post. Facebook has taken over and all of my updates end up there. It seems like since Mia has joined our family this blog has taken a different turn and I am just not sure what I want to do with it. I love reading updates and seeing pics of kids who are growing and flourishing in their forever families. Some of my favorite blogs are families I have followed since we first began our adoption. Of course I love to follow the blogs of families on their journey to meet their child for the first time! That's part of the problem I enjoy reading others blogs but posting to my own has taken a back seat. For now I think I will try to post monthly updates so those few followers I may still have can continue to see how much sweet Mia has grown and changed! I am still astounded by her transformation!

Mia was released from PT and had her last evaluation in September. She recently started "mommy and me" gymnastics and loves it! I can't believe a year ago she was 21 month old "infant" not even sitting up and now she is in gymnastics! She loves to go to "bible class" as she calls it and will wave and blow kisses as we drop her off saying "bye mama, see you later." It is such a change from a few months ago when she would scream and cry when we would drop her off. It warms my heart that she knows we will be back to get her after class. The fear she had of being "left" has subsided.

We are looking forward to the upcoming holidays and spending them with friends and family. The winds of change are blowing and we can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for our family!

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Kim K. said...

I'll take whatever I can get!! I'll always have a special connection to your sweet Mia and her special heart.

Merry Christmas to your family!