Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cardio update

Mia had her one year post op surgery appointment yesterday. As we got off the elevators, one of the areas of the hospital that families wait during surgery was overflowing. I remember a year ago sitting in those exact same chairs and feeling so overwhelmed with emotion and uncertainty. Last year I could only hold onto hope and faith that we would be where we are today. It was all good news from the cardiologist yesterday! The small VSD that was discovered after her surgery has closed and the cardiologist still believes Mia's heart is making its own rhythms without the use of the pacemaker! Mia does not have another appointment scheduled for 9 months!

On another note Ethan, Mia, and I visited my brother and his family in California two weeks ago. It was great to see them and meet my nephew for the very first time! Here are some pictures from our trip.


Kim K. said...

Congratulations on a wonderful cardio appointment. Woo hoo! Celebrations all around.

Shannon said...

Melinda!!!! What great news!!!! Oh I am so thrilled for you guys!
Praise God!!!

Donna said...

Great news about Mia's heart!!