Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our vacation recap

We vacationed this year at Hilton Head, SC with my parents and sister. Oh how I love that place! It is a little bit of heaven on earth! We biked on the trails, sat on the beach, dug in the sand, swam at the pool, visited Pool Bar Jims(a couple times), and enjoyed some relaxing family time! We also had our family pictures taken on the beach. I have always wanted to have professional family beach portraits taken but since I knew it would be costly I wanted to wait until our family was complete and unless God says otherwise we are "complete." I also purposely scheduled them on our one year anniversary of having Miss Mia. I was mostly happy with the results though I do feel that some of the extra editing fees I had to pay could have been prevented if the photographer paid attention to detail (ex: Mia's diaper is showing in a couple of the pictures and we had to pay to have them "lengthen" her dress to cover it). Silly details like that but also costly adjustments.

Mia and Logan loved the beach but Ethan and Christian preferred the pool which worked out great because our condo was right on the beach! Logan and Mia would play in the sand and in the ocean most days while Ethan and Christian would swim at the pool. Dan is more of a pool person and I love the beach so we were all happy!

I took over 300+ pictures so I will post a few of my favorites over the next couple of days!

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