Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Bridal Shower

Saturday my mom and I hosted my sister's first bridal shower! We had a wonderful time celebrating this very special event with family and friends. The shower was held at a local Italian restaurant and the food was awesome! We played a couple games and Danielle opened her presents. They received some great gifts and let's just say that their kitchen will be well stocked with lots of pink! My sister wanted to register for a pink Kitchenaid mixer but first she had to strike a deal with the groom. Brian said she could register for it as long as it stayed in the cabinets. So did the bride to be get her pink mixer? Yes! My mom bought her the mixer along with several pink kitchen utensils that will also have to stay "hidden" per Brian.

There was one particular emotional moment at the end of the shower. My sister had bought gifts for my mom, me, and my sister in law Dana for hosting the shower. She let my mom and Dana open their gifts and said I had to go last because my gift required further explanation. A little background information. Last week when I was talking to her on the phone I was telling her how this shower was the last shower we would be hosting and planning and that it was "the end of the line" for us because she is the last to get married. As she handed me the box I asked her, "Am I going to cry when I open this?" She replied "No." As I begin to unwrap the box she asked me "Do you remember this past week when you told me that this was the last shower and wedding we would be planning?" I replied "Yes." As I unwrap the tissue paper revealing the gift she says "Well you were wrong it won't be the last shower or wedding we ever plan. We will plan Mia's wedding one day." With that I started crying and gave her a hug. It was a very emotional moment to be celebrating my sister preparing to get married and thinking of one day planning for my own daughter's wedding. What was the gift? It was a cute flower pot with ladybugs on it. I think it is almost too cute to plant and grow anything it! I really appreciate the thought and sentiment that went into the choosing of my gift and I love it! This shower "officially" started the wedding countdown for me because it was the first big event leading up to the wedding. July will be here before we know it and the excitement is in the air!


Kimberly said...

What a sweet gift! Glad the bridal shower went well and all had a good time!

Angie said...

What a thoughtful thing for your sister to do! I have to say that you and Danielle could be twins!! Sounds like a beautiful shower and wonderful celebration. I can't wait to hear about all of the other wedding festivities!