Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fall sports

Since July our schedules have been consumed by either football or soccer. This past weekend the football season came to an end. Logan's flag football team had a great season and played HARD in the championship game last weekend! Unfortunately a win was not meant to be and they lost 20 to 13 in overtime. It was a great game and the boys played hard! I am sure Logan will play flag football again next fall but he is a completely different kid on the football field versus the soccer field. Football is much more intense than soccer and he dealt with alot of "nervous energy" as I called it before the games. Chewing nonstop on his mouthpiece during the games, getting up very early in the morning before the game, and being somewhat withheld on the field. I know he felt pressure at times and I am not sure I want him to be experiencing that at the age of seven. I found myself nervous for him at the games just because I could sense how nervous he was. As I have told others "football is a whole different world." We will have to wait to see what next fall brings.

On a lighter side, Logan found this "Under Armour Skull Cap" that he wore to football but continues to wear nonstop with the exception of school. As soon as he gets home or on weekends you will find him with his "skull cap" on. Luckily I have managed to get it off of him a few times to be washed!

Ethan and Christian's soccer season will end in a couple weeks. This was the first season that Christian was old enough to play and though I love watching Ethan and Logan,watching Christian is totally different! When Ethan and Logan first started playing sports they were naturally more intimidated and reserved~this is not Christian! He is aggressive and anywhere the ball goes you will find Christian not too far behind! I love hearing him yell to his teammates, "pass it to me, I'm open!"

The boys have had a great season! I look forward to the spring when all three of them will be playing soccer. It should be a much more relaxed and laid back season compared to the season we just came out of. As I finish this post I hear Logan playing football on the PS2. At least we have a year before the fall football season is here again!

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Angie said...

It looks and sounds like you had a very busy few months! They all three look very happy and like they are having fun playing their sports! Way to go guys!
We haven't done football at our house yet...I think I would be a nervous wreck too!