Thursday, September 20, 2007

1 year LID anniversary

It has now been one year since our "official" wait for Mia began. I have one word for today BITTERSWEET. It feels bittersweet because last year I imagined us being in a totally different place than we are today. I thought we would be a few months away from getting Mia not a possible two more years. Still I hold on to my faith and pray that there will be a speed up. This is what gets me through my more difficult days. On a positive note we are one year down.


Mark and Rebecca said...

Congrats on the one year. It certainly would be bittersweet. Let's hope Mia joins your family sooner than expected.

Pamela said...

Happy 1 year LID anniversary to you! One year down and hopefully not much more to go! We're praying right along with you for a speed up!

Angie said...


Sorry this is a little late but....Happy 1 Year!!! I can understand that it was somewhat bittersweet but we are getting closer...surely! Hang in there!