Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weekend shopping trip

Sunday afternoon my friend Sheri and I went shopping at the outlet malls. Sometimes I can find good deals there and other times I find that the prices aren't much different than in the regular stores. It seems to be a hit and miss for me. This past weekend I found AWESOME deals in the Carters and The Children's Place stores. I went with the intention of shopping for the boys. Unfortunately I didn't find a lot for the boys but I found some great deals for Mia! Oh how I wish I knew how big she would be as the deals were too great to pass up! I must admit because we don't know how big she will be I really have not done any shopping for her. However I took a chance and I figured if the clothes don't fit I can sell them on e-bay and easily get back what I paid for them and probably more! This was my first shopping trip for Mia and it was so much fun to buy girly clothes!


Mark and Rebecca said...

So fun! You founds some cute things.


Kelly (& Mike) said...

Hi Melinda!!
I didn't know about your new "home" on blogspot. I must admit, it's easier to get to! Every store I go to I find myself in the baby girl section - Mia's closet is already half full. Girl clothes are so much fun! Have a great day!

Kimberly said...

Aww those are such adorable little outfits! I can't wait to see Mia dressed in them!